This is something different from the cur…

This is something different from the current hot trend here (Robotics), but here is a link to the Blue Brain Project – an exiting attempt to model and simulate human brain.

They have created a virtual pack of neurons that acts just like the real thing, and hope to get an e-brain up and running.

All hope is not lost. Genes don’t really code the body like blueprints do for a building, mapping out every single detail; instead, they give a more general instruction and hit the “repeat” button a few million times (e.g. when they give fractal instructions). This means that amid the great complexity of the whole brain, there are structural units that repeat themselves. One such structure is called a neocortical column (NCC): a group of about 10,000 neurons in the cerebral cortex that are organized in a relatively consistent way across the mammalian brain. Millions of these columns compose the whole of the brain.

Check out this video that flies you through their virtual brain:

Flying through the column

and here is project home page

The Blue Brain runs on IBM’s Blue Gene/L (btw: there is one is Sofia since last year, but currently I have no idea how I can get hands on it, and actually not sure what to do with it) supercomputer, one of the top five supercomputers on the planet.