Gizmodo can be a real spirit-drowner som…

Gizmodo can be a real spirit-drowner sometimes when they tell you Palm Pre business is bound to drag worse than dealing with App Store. I shudden remembering my business operation with Apple and App Store, so if Palm is supposed to be worse, I am that close to giving up. When you hear of 27 weeks in review limbo, you know it’s time to get all those printed app ideas and shred them to tiny bits.

On the brighter side, Android Open Alliance is a group of Droid coders who believe Google Experience apps are not made of heavenly light and shouldn’t put tears in Cyanogen’s eyes, as they can be exchanged with fully open-source set of apps that provide the same usability. So far they are looking for complete solutions to prepackage and build up some cheap short-term hype, but I am hoping they listen to my issue-writing wisdom and develop everything from scratch in order to implement more advanced, more capable and plugin-friendly solutions that support even more services and features out of the core.