BrainWatcher – Brain Wave Clock

Good morning, all. Another product just came out of a sudden raging brainstorm. This time I’ve been pondering how brain waves can be integrated into our normal life through common devices and full automation.

The BrainWatcher is a wrist-watch MP3 player with accelerometer, pulse meter, integrated flash memory and bluetooth 2.0 A2DP connectivity. The BrainWatches also includes simple DSP capable of mixing songs with alpha, beta, theta and delta(s) brainwaves in real time. BrainWatches has miniUSB for charging and connectivity. Right side of the watch has button controls, while left side is a tiny magnet strip for placement over WildCharge charging pad.

The BrainWatcher contains XML-based profile for setting up sound alarms based on combination of time, heart rate, position (standing, lying down). Alarms include playback via connected Bluetooth device (see below) of internal playlist mixed with desired alpha, beta, theta and delta(s) brain waves for set time period with set volume rate that can be modified at user set steps through playback. XML Profiles are set up via desktop application when connected via miniUSB or through Bluetooth file transfer.

BrainWatcher is accompanied with either nightstand Bluetooth speaker or can be connected to Bluetooth headset. BrainWatcher compatible devices are constantly seeking for registered BrainWatch in vicinity. When a BrainWatch is present, it will try to connect to it and play BrainWaves to the present human watch-bearer, with or without mixing with music. BrainWaves and music/no music is prioritized so if someone is sleeping with Delta Waves and no music, his playback is not overriden by Alpha waves listening wake person.

The main purpose of BrainWatcher is to provide soft emitting of brainwaves according to activity and heart rate. For example, a profile can be set that during 22:00 and 7:00, if the accelerometer finds the body laying down and the heart rate meter falls into condition of sleep, emitting Delta waves for dreaming or dreamless sleep. A profile can be set that during 9:00 and 18:00, if the accelerometer finds constant movement and the heart rate is not above undesired position, any connected Bluetooth device would emit Alpha brain waves to keep us alert and in working condition.