Dawn of Social Voicecaster

Engadget have posted today the announcement of Lighthouse SQ7 by AdelaVoice – Internet Tablet intended for posting on Twitter and Facebook via voice recognition. The tablet has bare minimum of features, does not use any worth noting operating system, has almost no multimedia capabilities and is limited to Twitter, Facebook widgets, Image gallery, and Webkit based browsing. Yet, it demonstrates near-perfect Voice-casting to Twitter and Facebook. Impressive.

Alas, the device requires Push-to-Talk feature that needs manual reach to the device. This makes it hard to use anywhere, such as lying on the bed, standing across the room, or being anywhere you don’t have the device with you. If I were to design such a product, I would have done it a screenless computer worn around the neck, around the wrist. The device would then communicate with just about any screen-based device such as computers, mobile phones, LCD picture frames for text confirmation, or would allow direct no-confirmation posting, or screenless confirmation by text-to-voice repeating and voice command agreement to post as text, agreement to post as audio attachment (via hosting audio file) or canceling.