The new version of the P2 theme is much …

The new version of the P2 theme is much better and finally has post titles!

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Universal Translators Are All Around Us

Since machine translations is one of the topics here is an interesting article plus some video demos


Cheap 3D Solar Cells Are 6x More Efficient, Work Underground

Aesthetically speaking, I’m tired of seeing “energy efficient” structures designed around large, ugly solar panels. So this technology definitely solves that problem.

Plus, if we’re to believe numerous sci-fi movies (Matrix, Terminator, etc.) the human race will end up living underground in the future, so these cells will come in handy 😉


I was thinking again that it would be co…

I was thinking again that it would be cool to motivate people to translate the blog so when someone posts something interesting there is a greater chance that it will be translated to other languages. I’m positive that we can find support for Bulgarian, French and Japanese so I’ve asked Yuka to translate some posts to Japanese. While doing so initially we used Google spreadsheets and ImportFeed and GoogleTranslate functions, than i thought that it would be nice if we use WPML plug-in so i found a free PHP hosting and installed WPMU but failed to install WPML. Has anyone had better luck with multilingual WP ?

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Guys, what do you think about this http:…

Guys, what do you think about this ?
I’m really excited and installing it right now…It could be the death of Java (and .NET in the long run) I think…

The Ascent of Money

An interesting documentary on the history of banking part 1, part 2 ,on PBS and as a playlist on youtube

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Algae take over beaches in northern France

Algae take over beaches in northern France

I wonder if any company will be doing a partnership with the French government to use the algae as fuel. My understanding is that one can press algae and produce oil pretty much the way olive oil is produced. I can picture an old water powered mill pressing algae instead of grinding wheat and producing algae oil and fertilizer. Ahh, i guess it might not be as easy as one may think.

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