Magnetic Clevis

Since 2 years, i’m playing around with natural permanent magnet. I’m really surprise that nobody is using this natural force as it should. There is a lot of new way to explore.

Here is a little concept of of magnetic articulation driven by 3 or 4 little electric engines.  The main goal is to let natural magnets hold the biggest part of the weight and use a very little energy to drive it.  It could be use as a stepper engine except that the angle could be setup very precisely. The strength of the joint could be modify without adding extra electric energy. Also the velocity factor could be very interesting. There is no mechanical contact between the 2 heaviest parts so no sound, no heat and no usury. Only the driven part: the electric motors, the driving screws and the spherical bearing will!

As i saw in many industrial manufacturer since few years, the electromagnetic bearing are now very in use. (ex: SKF)

Here is a very simple concept of natural magnet bearing:

Magnetic Bearing Basic

This is an aluminium shaft with box magnet all around at 45 degrees. On each sides, i put a ring magnet in the repulsive side.  Of course, it’s a schema, so i let the rings floating in space to keep the pictures readable. So more the ring are closer from each other, more there is pressure over the whole shaft.

After that, my question was how to made this turn.  As i was studying chopper’s swashplate few years ago, i fund a way to adapt this mechanical method to my concept. Simply by creating a disharmony between the rotor’s box magnets strength like this:

So by tilting a little the rings in symmetry over it, this will give a direction to the shaft. Now the question is how to make the rings turn in symmetry without using a lot of energy? For this i setup a set of 3 driving screws to hold the rings magnet with spherical bearing. The 2 shaft’s strokes are set in an opposite stepping, that way, when i turn the shaft there are getting closer each other, or farest in opposite rotation.

Magnetic Clevis from Lempereur Bertrand on Vimeo.

Here a little schema of the Final concept:

This is with 3 shaft but it could work also with 4.

If you want to experiment some stuff with magnets:

For industrial stuff:

Constant Velocity Joint

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Blog / CMS software ?

We talked about installing plugins in WP and moving the blog to our own server.  Since we may want to do more that blogging, for example: Multilingual Posts, Projects, Some metrics and Analytics, (Nikolay was taking about Trust Metric), Event organizing, Advertising, Fund raising, add more… I wonder what software is best suited to handle all ?

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Google goes quantic

Google Research presented at NIPS some of the toying they have been doing with qubits from D-Wave.

New Scientist Article

Google Research blog entry

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Solar in Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas for a while and decided to upload some pictures of my home renovation solar experiments. This is a 500 feet black hose that is connected to an old water heater. The hot water should circulate using D5 Solar circulation pump. My goal eventually is to concentrate solar energy with computer controlled mirrors or by pointing an old C-Band satellite towards the sun.

It would be cool if one can find funding for organizing green development camps. For example a group of enthusiasts can get together once a year and dedicate 7 days to get their ideas into a working prototype. A demo session at the end should show the final  result. The funding is necessary for materials, travel and accommodation. Videos and pictures can be published so that the joy is shared 🙂

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Software in Flash

A friend of mine – Bertrand, showed me a nice collaborative whiteboard/canvas  software in flash.
Collaborative mind-map for google-wave, anyone ?

While on the subject here are some other interesting flash-based apps & libs:

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The EyeWriter project is an ongoing collaborative research effort to empower people who are suffering from ALS with creative technologies.

Absolutely stunning

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