Gambari is a place to share ideas between close group of friends.

What is Gambari?

Gambari is the Japanese national spirit of patience and determination. After World War II Japanese reconstructed their ruined country to become a powerful economic nation. Japanese are often called workaholics. Behind this non complaining attitude of the Japanese, is gambari spirit.
Word gambaru is frequently used in Japan. It literally means “Do your best! Hang on there! Keep going!”. It’s used in workplace and in any situation that would require person to give his/her best efforts. Typical example would be a school exam. Often when saying goodbye, Japanese also say “oshigoto gambatte” which means “do your best at work”. Athletes also gambaru (work hard) to win their games and get medals.

Why Gambari?

The idea of doing what one loves is a very appealing. Many people have this opportunity but not many have keep their motivation going. The Japanese concept of Gambari is here to help and most importantly it was available on wordpress 🙂