Google Code Jam

I’m thinking about participating in Google Code Jam competition. A while ago (back in school i guess) many of us use to be crazy about all kinds of regional and national competitions and i know that there are quite few “medalists” here. I wonder if we still have the will, speed ++ 😉

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New Search Engine

I have a question !

I would like to know the actual possibilitys of making a “smart” search engine that could give you answers of your questions.

For example, let say that i want to know the birth date of Napoleon, i’m going first on google and type Napoleon brithdate, i find few links and by habit, i click on Wikipedia. There, i look in first lines to find what i’m looking for.

Is there a way of finding directly this information by asking a simple question like this? I mean noone care about looking stuff in search engine or encyclopedia but the answers.

Even better, what if i speak directly in mic asking my questions and get replyed by voice. Avoiding typing and mousing gesture for earn time.  Imagine a children playing with such application for years! Or this could in reverse made the learning process almost unusefull for most people.

Until where could we go about question complexity?

John told me few years ago about ontologie and this really blow my mind but what now? Is there something like Wikipedia but ontologie oriented more open than a “simple” dictionary?

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Google goes quantic

Google Research presented at NIPS some of the toying they have been doing with qubits from D-Wave.

New Scientist Article

Google Research blog entry

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NLP and Ontologies

For a while now I’ve been thinking about using knowledge representation – Ontologies as a base for creating a modular Natural Language Processing system focused on extracting structured data from unstructured. For example we can create/use Ontologies (models) that describe “simple” concepts like: Address, Time, Task, Expense, Transaction etc… and use them to “match” information from a text stream. The reason i’m writing this is because i think that there is a common ground for collaboration… I know Stefan is interested in RDF/OWL,  the company that Neven is involved is in a very near domain and finally i was playing with Google Wave which i think is a good platform for creating intelligent bots that will be very easy to distribute if they turn out to be useful 🙂

Here are some references:

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The Mandatory Google Wave thread, so we …

The Mandatory Google Wave thread, so we all enjoy the real-time Web innovation. If anyone gets an invite or has invites to spare, please share in this thread. My email is…

…and I still haven’t got one.

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Here’s a company (Halcyon Molecular) th…

Here’s a company (Halcyon Molecular) that can truly change everything covered on TechCrunch. Imagine what the low cost of full sequencing (and a lot more data going to be available) can do to the Medicine, the ultimate personalization, match making, and so on. I’m sure Sergey Brin would rush to acquire/merge Halcyon Molecular with 23andMe. I always thought that Sergey’s interest in DNA is from the aspect of the ultimate ad platform – DNAds or GeneAds or whatever. Your DNA linked to your Google Account gets you precisely targeted ads that you’ll love with huge conversion rates for advertisers and big bucks for Google.

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