Universal Translators Are All Around Us

Since machine translations is one of the topics here is an interesting article plus some video demos



NLP and Ontologies

For a while now I’ve been thinking about using knowledge representation – Ontologies as a base for creating a modular Natural Language Processing system focused on extracting structured data from unstructured. For example we can create/use Ontologies (models) that describe “simple” concepts like: Address, Time, Task, Expense, Transaction etc… and use them to “match” information from a text stream. The reason i’m writing this is because i think that there is a common ground for collaboration… I know Stefan is interested in RDF/OWL,  the company that Neven is involved is in a very near domain and finally i was playing with Google Wave which i think is a good platform for creating intelligent bots that will be very easy to distribute if they turn out to be useful 🙂

Here are some references:

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Something about our company Interlecta

Hi guys,

As you already know from my post on Facebook our BlackBerry product was promoted on RIM’s App World as a featured application last Friday. We are now getting thousands of downloads and activations, about 400 per hour. That is good.

20091002-2118_InterlectaAppWorld_2001_crop320x130rnsWe get quite good exposure not only trough App World but also from other mobile portals. Although, we need to develop our business and move the company to the next stage.

It’s been couple of months already since we started looking for new funding sources. Our company Interlecta has been privately held for almost 3 years, self funded as well, but it seems it is time for a change.

Right now we are talking to several potential investors (Corp, AI’s & VC’s) that are current or potential customers of our products, but not all opportunities look that promising or suitable for us.

So, if you think that you know someone or have friend of a friend who may know someone … any ideas are welcome.

And of course, the standard finders fee will be applied to everyone that refers an investor that turns to a deal.

According to quite few specialists that I’m talking to recently next several months will be the best time to invest in start-up’s simply because there are not that many left and those that survived are expected to have a good value.

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