Solar in Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas for a while and decided to upload some pictures of my home renovation solar experiments. This is a 500 feet black hose that is connected to an old water heater. The hot water should circulate using D5 Solar circulation pump. My goal eventually is to concentrate solar energy with computer controlled mirrors or by pointing an old C-Band satellite towards the sun.

It would be cool if one can find funding for organizing green development camps. For example a group of enthusiasts can get together once a year and dedicate 7 days to get their ideas into a working prototype. A demo session at the end should show the final  result. The funding is necessary for materials, travel and accommodation. Videos and pictures can be published so that the joy is shared 🙂

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Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

Guys, this is huge.

Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

Somewhere else, I’ve also read the US Navy approved $10B research spending for next 5 years on this project (don’t ask me why exactly US Navy)

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I want to bring back to our attention (a…

I want to bring back to our attention (after more than 20 years!) Carl Sagan and his TV Series Cosmos, which has inspired tons of discussions and brainstorming between me and Yonel back then. The great news is that all 13 episodes are available on Hulu and I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna watch them again!

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