Blog / CMS software ?

We talked about installing plugins in WP and moving the blog to our own server.  Since we may want to do more that blogging, for example: Multilingual Posts, Projects, Some metrics and Analytics, (Nikolay was taking about Trust Metric), Event organizing, Advertising, Fund raising, add more… I wonder what software is best suited to handle all ?

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Software in Flash

A friend of mine – Bertrand, showed me a nice collaborative whiteboard/canvas  software in flash.
Collaborative mind-map for google-wave, anyone ?

While on the subject here are some other interesting flash-based apps & libs:

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NLP and Ontologies

For a while now I’ve been thinking about using knowledge representation – Ontologies as a base for creating a modular Natural Language Processing system focused on extracting structured data from unstructured. For example we can create/use Ontologies (models) that describe “simple” concepts like: Address, Time, Task, Expense, Transaction etc… and use them to “match” information from a text stream. The reason i’m writing this is because i think that there is a common ground for collaboration… I know Stefan is interested in RDF/OWL,  the company that Neven is involved is in a very near domain and finally i was playing with Google Wave which i think is a good platform for creating intelligent bots that will be very easy to distribute if they turn out to be useful 🙂

Here are some references:

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The Mandatory Google Wave thread, so we …

The Mandatory Google Wave thread, so we all enjoy the real-time Web innovation. If anyone gets an invite or has invites to spare, please share in this thread. My email is…

…and I still haven’t got one.

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